Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Jia You Liu Xiang

4 years ago
LIU XIANG smile so happily
he achieve gold medal in his race and break world record~
and also become the STAR of CHINA
and also become the HOPE for CHINA to get another gold medal
in this 2008 OLYMPIC ~

after four years
Citizens of China put too much hope on Liu Xiang
and also put too much qi dai on him
No one will really understand LIU XIANG's pressure
and no one knows how painful is his injury on this leg
Too Bad..
he had withdraw the race due to the pain that he cant stand it
and due to this also brings disappointment
to 1.3million people

LIU XIANG's disappointment , pressures and painless
no ones really can understand
neither do i..
but through this pic
we know that how sad he is

i hope that every people don't blame on LIU XIANG
he is still a HERO in everyone heart
at least he NEVER give up when he think he still can
at least he let himself to get on the track
Give him sometime
and i'm sure
LIU XIANG will recover and be back and show the best to everyone~

- Stay Tune -

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