Saturday, August 16, 2008

The world most ........

Can you imagine it?

The world most CURAM's Road!
lols..I've seen this with my own eyes few years back lols
is really so curam~hahas

:: Castletown ,England ::
~World most narrow path~

:: Toronto, Canada ::
Worlds longest road = Younge Street (1,178 miles or 1896 km)

:: Swindon, England ::
World most confusing roundabout

:: San Francisco, USA ::
World most "twisting here and there" road..lols!

:: Giza, Egypt ::
World oldest road

:: Buenos Aires ::
World widest Road! (300 feet)

Then is there anything that is archieve by Malaysia for the top world things?

- Stay Tune -


JustinKC said...

Oh yeah Malaysia sure have something to bug about but i cant seems to think of anything yet lol. Nice blog u have here hmmm.....didn't know u r from Kuching too until i read your past post on the Kuching Fest.

oO bLurgAl oO said...

hahas....yea...till now i still havent think of what malaysia have?...lols..going to do some searching tho~~lols..
thanks for visiting my blog lol...