Monday, August 18, 2008

KL Trip 15.08.08

This is what happens on 15th August 2008
woke up early in da morning (as usual larhx..)
go to GENTING~
day trip only
only just been up there for just a few hours
and i get back to kl myself using bus and monorial
my kai gor stuck in the casino playing
while i CANT even get in!!
trying to but been KICK OUT!!!@@@
(i look so young..hahas!!!)

On da way up...getting cold and cold
and yet i'm wearing short pant..lols!

This is nice..agree with me mah?

My main purpose in this pic is not the ah pek
is the energizer behind..hahas!

Ok ..the zi you nv sheng 1na ride a bike back to USA??
RINO is hungry..he want eat car????

I'm going london soon..
so those this really exists?hahas

First world hotel
(looks like a kindergarden to me colourful and is similar with kuching's star cineplax..lols)

Got back to Hotel alone i guess around 3pm
then have a afternoon nap
then 6 something i went sg wang
and i accidently saw JUSTIN from HONGKONG
having his qian ming hui
his real concert will be at GENTING~~~^^
Justin and i dono what his name liaw ..the myfm dj

Justin big family photos with his fans
(a camera shooting from level 2~)
Signing his "banner"
Justin with fans

Nothing special for today
all i remember is around 7something
i went to use the monorial and lrt alone to get to kelana jaya
to meet up my honey, manx..hahas!

- Stay Tune -

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