Saturday, August 9, 2008

Whole Kuching Blackout

I love this pic so much ^^

Around 6something i guess
Kuching BLACK OUT!!
including Miri, Sibu, Sri Aman and so on
all i know is BINTULU is still "SHINNING" hahas!

well..dono what really happens
but all i know
whole kuching is BLACK~~
It took 2hours plus to get the electricity
(but in the house did get electric for jus not more then a min..and gone black out again..grrr)

This is what i did when i'm waiting for the electric to come back:

CHA MI (in foochow..lols..dono what it call in chinese or english..sorry)

Is really horrible without electric
is hot and annoying
but MOSQUITORS are happy
because their enjoying sucking blood..hahas!

Really cant image if the whole city don't have electricity for DAYS!
can you survive if it really happens?

- Stay Tune -

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