Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Causeway Bay

went to Causeway Bay (Tong luo Wang)
which is located @ Crown Square / Tower
Been dated by jimmy
Those who are there together are ::
ah lost,JF,irene and another guy (sorry i forgot ur name..sorry!!T.T)

:: Camera stand by ::
That's what bloggers do..hahas!!

My favourite drink!
OREO~~RM7.40 (expensive!)

I dono what is this one call but i know is a set meal @ around RM8something(include drink) and is belong to

JF!! the greedy guy~~!!XD

My Fried Bee Hoon @ RM6.90!

Belong to Jimmy's

Sorry the other foods i didnt take pic of it coz is too far from me and i'm only using a k770i to capture pics..~~hahas!

- Stay Tune -


kinky said...

Only tried the drinks there. wonder how the food taste. How much would rate the food?

oO bLurgAl oO said...

kinky :: hmm depends lorhx...for me i ate the mee hoon i think i rate it 5 o 6 out of 10 but if is spagette i would rate is 9 out of 10