Saturday, August 16, 2008

KL trip 13.08.08

13th August 2008
I got up very early
as the main purpose for me to go over kl
is to get my UK student visa done
the office is open @ 8am
so i use teksi to go over
i'm already so tired to get up so early
yet the driver keep on talking talking talking
so noisy larh..
and i still remember he say one thing ::
why u sarawakian keep on supporting the (i dono what name de gvrn liaw)
how i know arh
i'm not even 21 yrs old to vote

after things done
shopping time~
my hair looks like siao cha bo~

Twin Tower
Time Square

During night time
my kai gor fren
fetch us to some1 very far
to have our dinner

The Menu
Is making me volcano~(spicy larh)

Believe it~is not meat..hahas!

After that
we went to EYE of Malaysia~

But is moving soon to Melaca..hahas!

Back hotel i think 11smthing?
then we went out again
to the nearest pub
(not a disco place larhx..jus a place to drink)
which is just near @ our hotel
@ BB park~

Love the stairs
Ever try this b4?

That's all for my trip and pics on 13th august 2008 @ kl

- Stay Tune -

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