Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Kuching Festival + Bestberry Cafe

After Dance Class today..
Sec gangs call up
ask me to meet them at Kuching Fes AKA Food Fair!
Kuching Fes is held once a year around end of july / 1st aug
For me..is still the same..nothing fresh is coming up~-.-'''
Here come my pics pics..
and my frens keep on bullying sob!

Messy Messy

I don't know what this call but is nice..
Couples : Yukiko and Max

Couples: Mandy and Sheldon
Couples : Mobby and Lina

So i'm the only single one there~~GRRR!!!
And here comes to grab yukiko for pics...
She's pretty and i'm ugly..T.T

Kuching fes..not much ppl becoz i guess is Tuesday?

The bee hoon i dabao from Zhong Guo Fan Dian @ Kch Fes
(Taste..no good T.T)
This one is nice...but dono what it call..@@
Ok..this arh..is grape lai de..hahas!
dono how it taste liaw coz i didnt try~

we're going to second round to meet up other gangs
actually we're going to Isabella..
But then..
No open..
so frens call say go Bestberry Cafe~

I Guess is time that Bestberry Cafe can think of changing their menu...~

Secondary Frens!!hahas
we're all still contacting each other!
Just i seldom go out with them
because i cant out late coz i got CURFEW!!arghhh~~
(Mum!i already grown up..can you just let me have my life?argh..forget about it XD)
Is quite ashame at Bestberry but is quite fun and happy
Talking craps..laughing out loud and sit there quiet quiet also been bully and suan..hahas!
(well..the whole Bestberry Cafe is our groups laughter and voice~XD)


Our next meet :
August 30th 2008 !!

miss u guys..tata

- Stay Tune -


Ivan said...

it's been such a long time since i been to kuching fest.

jimmychin said...

bestberry's new menu coming soon.. coz tat day i sms told the owner oledi... wakaka.. biz so good until their menu... hmmm.. u noe one la... hehee

oO bLurgAl oO said...

jimmy: haha..okok..but those menu now really look so kelian..

ivan: oo..hahas..