Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Jerald's dining

Tuesday night after my dance class
spend a few hours dinner with Justinkc
He bring me to Jerald's Dining
is my 1st time being there
i'm not sure where is it located (justin do state it out and drop as comment to my this post..thanks!XD)
If i'm not wrong somewhere near bdc?
It doesnt look like a restaurant as it is like a "in house" restaurant

Ice lemon tea @ RM2.20
(Sry for the low quality pic as it is too dark my phone cant get good nice shots)

Lamb Chop with Black pepper sauce @ RM7 something
(Justin do remind me if i state the prices wrongly~XD)

Is a nice place to grab urself something to eat
go and have a try if u never been there~

That's all for Jerald's dining and once again sorry for not uploading more pictures because my phone really cant get good shots so i just capture three pics..hahas!
and thanks JUSTIN for the treat~

- Stay Tune -


JustinKC said...

It's not somewhere near to bdc but its located just opposite 20cents supermarket around 3rd mile round about. It's a house cafe which can be seen from the road side.

oO bLurgAl oO said...

hahahas!!thank you for your information!!lols~~~