Thursday, July 10, 2008

4th Star Movie Carnival 2008

Here comes...
The 4th Star Movie Carnival 2008
July 25th to 27th 2008!
6pm to 1am!

Are you ready for it??!!

I have never been to such event..(shame of me =X)
I will go for this coming event this year!
I would like to personally to go over and have the "feel"
of this kind of "watching movie at outdoors"
I think is going to be awesome..(hope no rain..XD)

So I guess..No i think PROMISE XD
I will update my post about the event for that night
You will support me don't ya?HAHA...*grin*
( say u will bring me along don't cha?Bring your camera along..!XD)

you can get the tickets from:

** Star Cineplex, Kuching (Ticketing Counter)
** Iglool Ice Cream (King Center and 4th Mile)
** Speed Niko (Tun Jugah & The Spring)
** Segi College (ok..I just know that u can get it from my x-college..XD)
** You can also get it from JIMMY CHIN @ ^^
Click Here For More Information!

Who's joining me?LOLS!XD

- Stay Tune -

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