Monday, July 28, 2008

Nokia phone from 2008 - 2010

From year 2008 - 2010
Is it really possible to have such WEIRD handphones appearing in real life?
I'm totally blur and feeling quite a SHOCK and i should CLAP HANDS and CHEERS to the designer of NOKIA PHONES??!!

What's your conclusion after seeing all this?
Any Comments?
- Stay Tune -


JoJonathan said...

that's all the concepts phone from designers. nokia aeon is quite a famous one

khengsiong said...

Not all are Nokia wor...
Some are BenQ Siemens, some are NEC. Have you considered Apple iPhone?

oO bLurgAl oO said...

jojo : hahhas
khengsiong: oh..really?..sorry my mistake..hahhas..... hmm...nope...why?

JoJonathan said...

apple iphone 3G is out earlier this month, my fren bought an "legally" unlocked version for AUD$800

oO bLurgAl oO said...