Sunday, July 20, 2008

I'm back..XD

Okay i'm back to blogging
Will have a lot to blog on
Hahas..hope you guys can continue on stick with me?LOLS
Will post on things that I did lately...XD

Look nice huh?
Nasi Lemak at The Spring Kuching - Kluang Station
Before eating..
I went to Hock Lee with my sister after she pick me up from work..
She went to Hock Lee to take photo
So while waiting we go shop around and I saw this dress
well..i love the folding skirts..
but honestly i don like the roses
is kinda of ah lian to me
i also wont buy this dress
know why?
It cost RM200++ and is not even worth
because the quality is not good..XD


- Stay Tune -

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