Tuesday, July 8, 2008


Here I come again...
The boring writer (blurgal) is coming to flood her blog again...XD
p/s: Dont like that larhx...i want keep update everyday mah..sabar larh..lols


Lets see....My upcoming tones of things to be settle:

1. Upcoming Pc fair (aug 1st to 3rd) preparations

2. Recruiting Part Timers (anyone interested?)

3. A list to survey through.(getting ppl to sign up streamyx)

4. Preparations for Boucher.

5. Going door by door to give out boucher.

6. Mountains of invoice to be key in.

7. Go to College to collect my full result slip.

8. Go to my agent's office to collect my offer letter frm Uni.

9. Find a time to sit down discuss sch fees with parents.

10. Practicing my dance moving hard.

11. Get my passport done (for going clubbINg..hahas..)

12. Wash my face.

13. Tidy my closet.

14. Waiting amy back..go eat western food.

15. if discussion with parent succeed, time to survey ticket.

16. Submit my deposit Uni course fees to agent.

wah..many things ho..lols..did i miss out something?


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