Sunday, July 27, 2008

Cosplay @ Boulevard Kuching 27.07.08

Cosplay charity event is held @ Boulevard Kuching
starting 1pm till 9pm
I went there around 3 something
meet up with Jimmy, Doris and Serene @ Dessert
having ICE CREAM
lots ppl keep on looking at us..
know why?
because we're sitting with two COSPLAYERS
that's Serene and Doris..lolsXD
By The Way..
Saw JOJO too!!
Pictures of the day:
Don't mess up with me or else i'll kill u..hahas
ivelyn and serene
Doris and i duno who..hahas..FIGHTINGXD
Doris serene ivelyn

whose dat?
COOL enough..lols
Jimmy distroy my pic..hahas!

I love her wearing..hahas
My new fren..Doris : peace~
(She look like BIG S[da s] in this pic)
He say : PEACE!

CUTE POSE!hahahs
KAKASHI..and ..erm..i duno..hahas...
Kakashi so so hardworking read book..hahas!

My kakashi!!hahhas

Kakashi and me..^^muaks


Serene~~with cute hand..hahas!
(where's ur ear?lols!!)

Jimmy and Serene..HIGH 4!

Since when this cosplayer pop out to become photographer..lols!

Jimmy act CUTE?


Serene again..hahas..@ Dessert, Boulevard

I love KAKASHI!!hahasXD

- Stay Tune -


jimmychin said...

why jimmy so childish so cute one... wakkakaa

oO bLurgAl oO said...


Serene said...

Haha.. Me oso cute.. bluek.. :P I wan the photos of me T.T I dun hav.. I wan as remembrance hehe

oO bLurgAl oO said...

hahhahas....yea..serene cute..u go grab from my blog lorhx..hahas
coz i dono i still have the original copies in my comp or not

Serene said...

o.O I wan original pic can..? T.T coz blog de a bit too small ><