Saturday, July 12, 2008

Trying Out

After work today..
I went to get my unconditional offer letter from Uni..^^
Then I acc my sis
go find something..HAHAHAHS!!
She's getting marry on coming January at KL.
This is what I did when we are at Crown Bridal

My Sis..Busy choosing wedding dress to try on..

She look good in this..I love this one..^^

Okay..that's me in a dinner dress..don bother about my PIMPLEs..sorry!haha
(it's kinda of doesnt fit i have to hold on to it..hahas! and it doesnt suits me right?)

Some Pictures hanging in the Crown Bridal Shop..
Can you spotted me out?..LOLS..i'm in thereXD

I gotta SCRATCH my head hard to think what's my upcoming post for tomorrow and onwards..lols!!

- Stay Tune -

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