Wednesday, July 9, 2008

The Spring

Last night..
I went to The Spring Kuching with my sister, mum and my mum's fren...
till i reach my mum's fren house..
i then just know that..
The spring is having a Music Festival Preview Night..
Is nice..
Music Festival is a great festival for those who loves music...
It is just for once a year..
and for year 2008,
it's starting on this coming fri, sat and sun..
act i'm going because i have free ticket...
but end up...
all my frens arent sure about going or not..
my mum ask me to give back the free ticket to her fren..
(because is her fren whom give me free ticket..which allows me to attend the 3 days...)
The ticket is RM90 per night!!!OMG~~expensive..
I havent been to the music fes before...
and i wish i could go...
well seee......
maybe i'm still going this week with my sis..
because she want to go....
Rainforest Music Festival Preview at The Spring, Kuching.
(Sorry larh...i'm not using good HP..And i don't bring a Camera with me..haha)

(isaac hope to buy a jeans from is my dinner time @ Sushi King..

One of my Dish..

I WONT miss this whenever i step into SUSHI KING..XD


Okay okay..I know i eat like a what..I LOVE TO EAT..hahas

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