Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Art Work

Introducing part of my family...XD
The black and white pic are taken my this handsome guy below:
He is my cousin
haha..he's currently at Sydney and he is mixed..^^

Our little cute princess Elizaberth (my niece)

My nephews and my cousin, Lawrence

Jonas + princess elizaberth

Here goes..
Here are some art works from my cousin, Jonas
He loves to take black and white pictures
and i think his pictures are very nice....
Top models..hahas
(Cousins at sibu CNY 2007)
Gangster of the month..hahas..
(greg(my cousin) + mandy(his gf))
Princess of the month goes to Elizaberth!

She love to put her 3 fingers into her mouth..lols

Sleeping beauty of the month!

Same pose..hahas...

I'm not sure where he take those photos..
it's pretty nice~~
loves it or not??
i'm just sharing around..XD

Last post for today
will be start blogging again
when i got my mood back and settle everything
don forget me..
i'll be back!XD (very fast)

- Stay Tune -

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