Saturday, July 5, 2008


SudDenly missing "him" again...
i'm sorry angel and manz dear...
i've try my best..
i just need time..
i never fall for some1 this MUCH

i bet all of ya is thinking..
why i'm putting monokuro boo pic
becoz it reminds me about "him"
2007 valentines..
"he" post me a valentine present...
and this pig is one of my present...
he got one..and i got one...
it is once we call it our "baby"
he got black i got white..
thinking back..
is so sweet...
like i always complain to my white pig..
about how bad is his daddy..
and he also sometimes complain to black pig
how naughty is his mummy..

have change..
they are now become an "orphange"
whitey is still with my in my room
about blackie
i really have no idea..
once and for all..
both pig have been separate..forever..
and is all change into

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