Saturday, July 12, 2008

Kuching Blogger Meet Up Night

Today (12th July 2008)
My very first time to join in the KUCHING BLOGGER's meet up
at first..
I really do feel strange about the meet when i reach there..
all are "strangers" to me for the very first time..
after we get alone for a while..
Everyone are VERY friendly indeed.!!
(happy to be at the meet..nice job jimmy..)
But the saddest thing for me is that..
I DONT have a camera tonight
and i didnt take any pictures for tonight..
Some lousy photos coz i'm using my own HP..
I will upload new pics about tonight again once i got the photos
from the other bloggers~~~

Bloggers' Signature during the night..
(can see mine?XD)

Jimmy and Serene
(jimmy always flirting around tonight..LOLS..JK!)

What I got tonight for joining the meet..hahas!!

Can't wait to see you guys again..
and again..
i can meet up
Irene, Jojo(ur're cute honestlyXD),Jimmy, Ah Paul, Ah Bao,Michael

Bla bla bla...
and of coz other new friends..hahas..XD

p/s: Irene - I want the oreo drink photo..hahas
p/s: Michael - I want the photos got me and the King and Queen of the night and maybe some nice shots you make during the night ^^
Jimmy: I want my photo..^^
Ah Pao: Want my eating pic..hahas..or maybe still got others(mine pic)?..hahas..^^
p/s: Everyone who went to meet tonight...i want pics that got me..if u have..hahas..or some cool nice shot pics..lols..


Grabbing stealing pics..hoho!

More pics will be out soon(hope) when i got it..^^
continue on supporting me..XD

- Stay Tune -


jimmychin said...

ish... dunno how many times u kick me.. oche liao.. kick = sayang meh... @.@

Serene said...

Haha.. Jimmy showed me ur blog :P I got tonnes of photos wanna put in o.O but dun hav ur pic I think >< And wa.. u caught me n jimmy's photo lol
Anyway, it was a great meeting XD NIce to meet ya ^^

oO bLurgAl oO said...

jimmy: that's my pleasure..k larhx...sorry lorhx....catch my last KICK! meet i sayang u lorhx..XD
Serene: Hahahas...nice to meet u anyway...have any nice pictures?lol!

ahlost said...

Hahahaha.. I saw you kick Isaac too *LOL* Should have told me you kicked Jimmy.. can take pics and blog bout it .. Nice meeting you though I didn't talk much with u last nite :)

jimmychin said...

ivelyn, next time i go kick u too.. wakakkaka

oO bLurgAl oO said...

ah lost: yeah lo...wait till next time..hahashhaXD or maybe call me out..lols!isaac..i everyday kick him..hahsa..XD

Jimmy: u kick me? u dare mehx....don larhx..later u no face coz i will goes like "everyone look!jimmy bully girl!!!!" hahahhas!!XD