Thursday, July 3, 2008


What do yoU thiNk aboUT both piCtures aboVe?
whaT dO yoU knOW aboUT LOVE?
hoW muCh pPl in thiS woRld wilL knoW whaT loVes reallY meanS?

I love thE pictuRes aboVe..
iT giVes me lotS of iMaginaTIon..
i'M a loVe faiLUre..
buT i'M alwaYs tryIng to leaRN frM my mistaKE..
lOves brINgs hapPinesS , saDness, lONelinEss, chEers, teaRs, heaRt breaK...
if theSe doEs nOt exISt..
thEn lOVe wilL noT exisT..


James said...

"傻瓜,我们都一样,被爱情伤了又伤,相信这个他不一样,却又再一次受伤..傻瓜,我们都一样,受了伤却不投降,相信付出会有代价,代价只是一句~ 傻瓜".. XD sorry for the spam..

oO bLurgAl oO said...

hahas...nice song...bluek

ღ☆ღ PinG_Poღ☆ღ said...

Jie..tat pic are so sweet and romanc..mui doesn know wat the real meaning of love,jie,did u know?

oO bLurgAl oO said...

hahas...i also duno...coz no one in this really knows the VERY TRUE meaning of LOVE...even they say they noe..but it doesnt means that they fully understand and noe how to me..

James said...

Actually, there is no a standard definition on wat is love is~ :) its depend on yourself "standard".. i'm bibi, bibi, bibi,bibiiiiiiiiiiiiiii,
T___T not james

oO bLurgAl oO said...

u go u!!*piaK*