Monday, July 14, 2008


Here to share something again
went to survey around in the net
found out this "photoshop" things..
i just upload 3 pictures of it..hahas...
this person who edited all those using photoshop
there's only one word that i can describe him/her

frm young to old???XD

This is Awesome..what do u think?

This one looks very COMIC style to me...hahahs..
Is so nice..hope i have this kind of skills to edit..lols..XD

Want to have more pictures again? click HERE!

- Stay Tune -


ahlost said...

Yah.. Some people are very good in photoshop :)

One of them is :)

JoJonathan said...

just go see those photoshop until you song song song

hyperX said...

Who's that girl in the first photo? Looks familiar. And I like the last picture, a man with supernatural power haha. Sounds like superman.

oO bLurgAl oO said...

jojo & ahlost::ohkay..thanks for the link..hahas..

hyperx :: nice!!